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Part 4. The renewal of the work of railway workshops after the Civil War

In the autumn of 1919, Haivoron, Strunkov and Tashlyk were occupied by the White Cossack units of General Denikin that subsequently left these cities under the onslaught of the Bolsheviks. In May 1920, the Soviet power was established. At the railway junction, the political department was created. The trade union committee headed by Metelskyi became active.

The 24th Roslavsky battalion has been sent to the Haivoron railway station by the Bolshevik government and opposed the insurgent detachments. The armored train was equipped to eliminate the remnants of various gangs and armed detachments by the workers of the railway workshops. It was consisted of a locomotive and two open box cars. They were “covered” with a sheet metal; the gun ports were made for a precision fire, the machine guns were inserted. This armored train traveled across the narrow gauge. The commander was Merkuriev, the commissioner – Mikhailov, the executive officer – Trizna. By the way, Petr Trizna worked at the railway workshops for a long time – the tabelist, the master, the head of the logistics department.

The rail workshops began to recover their work. The workers returned to the workshops, they made under their own steam the tools and started the repairing of locomotives.

After the exhaustible years of the Сivil War, an appeal was called for the restoration of the nationalized economy. It was begun with the conduct of Community Cleanup Days, during which the workers reconstructed production facilities, railways, equipment, engaged in the accomplishment of workshops and territories. People worked with enthusiasm, with faith in the better future. Polenskiy was appointed as the head of the railway workshops.

First of all, they started the repairing of locomotives and wagons. And by May 1, 1923, two locomotives were repaired during non-working hours. It was a gift from the workers of the Haivoron main workshops to the Motherland. Thereat the rally took place at the Haivoron railway station. All the workers of the railway junction and members of their families gathered here. With great joy those present observed, as two reconstructed locomotives slowly drove through the built arch with the locomotive horns. The political department of railway junction recognized the work team of the main workshops as the best production department… (to be continued)


PJSC “GTRZ” develops a new direction

PJSC “GTRZ” carries out repair and restoration work of the car bodies


Started to perform the next KP2

PJSC “GTRZ” started the overhaul of the diesel locomotive TGM4


Major repairs of TGM-4B

“Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC started the major repaires of locomotive TGM-4B

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