TEM15 series diesel locomotives

TEM15 (diesel locomotive with electric transmission, shunting, 15th type; the TEM-15 designation is encountered) is a Soviet / Russian six-axle shunting (axial formula – 30-30) locomotive. Structurally, it is a further development of the TEM2M diesel locomotive, from which it borrowed 6D49 diesel (produced by the Kolomna Plant), the body and the cabin. Built in 1987 at the Bryansk plant. Although the locomotive was originally created for Cuba (which went under the TEM15K series), the bulk of it went to the Soviet (and later – the post-Soviet) industrial enterprises. In 1995, in connection with the termination of the production of 6D49 diesel engines, the Bryansk Plant stopped the production of TEM15 diesel locomotives.

Technical details:

  • Axial formula 30-30
  • Coupling weight 120 t
  • Load from driving axles on rails 20 t
  • Track width 1520 mm
  • Engine type 6D49
  • Engine power 1200 hp
  • Transfer Type Electrical
  • Construction speed 100 km / h