TEM18 series diesel locomotives

The TEM18 locomotive has been produced by the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant since 1992. The locomotive is designed for shunting, export and easy trunk work on railways and industrial enterprises.

BMZ builds diesel locomotives of this series in the performance for the track from 1435 to 1676 mm, for the temperate and tropical climate.

The diesel locomotive is equipped with a four-cycle diesel 1PD-1A.

The locomotive is equipped with:

  • two-unit control devices
  • single-person control devices
  • installation of a spark arrester on the exhaust of a diesel engine and a screen silencer on air intake into a diesel engine
  • heated charge air diesel
  • the second stage of purification of air entering the diesel

In various versions, the locomotives of this series were supplied and delivered to Kazakhstan (10 units in 2006), Poland and Guinea (2 diesel locomotives in 2006 – in tropical design, with a corresponding modification of the diesel engine, moisture-resistant paint and special cables). Another diesel locomotive (TEM18KZ-0001) was manufactured with the participation of BMZ at the new Russian-Kazakhstan joint venture Kazakhstan Locomotive in Pavlodar in 2006.

TEM18 diesel locomotives are successfully operated in our country. In particular, Russian Railways, after a 10-year hiatus, in 2004, again began to purchase shunting diesel locomotives (TEM18D).

In December 2004, BMZ received a certificate confirming compliance with the safety standards of single-section shunting diesel locomotives of the TEM18 type.

In connection with the planned completion of the production of diesel locomotives of the TEM18 series, the plant is switching to the production of shunting diesel locomotives TEM18DM. The extension of the certificate of conformity with SSFZHT for TEM18 locomotive for 2011 is not planned.



TEM18D and TEM18DM

The diesel locomotives of this series are equipped with a more advanced and economical diesel engine 1PD-4D, the complex locomotive safety system “KLUB-U”, an electric brake, a telemechanical monitoring system of driver’s safety TSKBM and other improvements and additions. Improved noise and heat insulation cab driver.

The locomotive of the TEM18DM series is designed for areas with a temperate climate at an ambient temperature of minus 50 ºС to plus 40 ºС.


Modification of the locomotive, equipped with an electric brake.


Modification for work both on a track of 1435 mm, and on a track of 1520 mm.


Compression, working on compressed natural gas with the addition of a pilot portion of diesel fuel or diesel fuel. Produced in 1997, 1998. Issued only 2 copies. The first is assigned to the depot TCHE-5 Sverdlovsk-Sorting Sverdlovsk Railway and the second is assigned to the depot TCHE-2 Likhobory-District Moscow Railway.


Tropical version TEM18, intended for delivery to Guinea. Was produced in 2006. Issued only 2 copies. Location unknown.


New modification of the diesel locomotive TEM18 with a diesel engine from Wärtsilä (W6L20LA with a capacity of 882 kW).


Modification, equipped with a unified microprocessor-based transmission control system – STA and electric stopping brake.

The use of the USTA system makes it possible to increase the reliability of the diesel generator, increase the mileage between maintenance, improve the traction properties of a diesel locomotive, increase the service life of wheel sets, reduce sand consumption, reduce brake pad wear, and reduce fuel consumption.