TGM40 series diesel locomotives

TGM40 is a single-section shunting diesel locomotive designed for operation on the railways of industrial enterprises. Serial production started at the Kambarsky Machine-Building Plant in 1982.

History of creation

In 1981, the TU7M diesel locomotive was designed with an increased base of carriages, wheelset diameter, extended cab, extended length and some other design changes for operation on a 1520 mm track.

Since 1982, this locomotive has been mass-produced under the brand TGM40.

This is the rarest case of successful reworking of a narrow-gauge diesel locomotive under the “normal” gauge.

In 1983, this diesel locomotive was awarded the Gold Medal of the Leipzig Fair.


The diesel locomotive is fitted with a 1D12-400B diesel engine and a single-mode hydrodynamic transmission with two torque converters. Cooling is carried out by a refrigerator equipped with sections for cooling water, diesel oil and hydraulic transmission oil. The fan of the refrigerator is driven by the engine through a switchable hydrodynamic clutch. The heat dissipating ability of a refrigerator allows operating a diesel locomotive in tropical climatic zones.


TGM-40S is a diesel locomotive equipped with a mounted snow plow.