31 October 2018 - 11:45, News

Our plant football players won “The Cup of 120th anniversary” 

On October 31, 2018, the district futsal adult championship “The Cup of 120th anniversary” took place in the Youth Sports School of Haivoron. According to the regulations of the football competition, everyone over 20 years of age, regardless of his place of work and profession, was eligible to participate in the event.

Four teams were gathered to test their strength. It should be noted that the most active participants of the tournament were men older than middle age, who have impressed with their skill, speed and energy. Since the first minutes of the game, it became clear that younger players have something to learn from them.

The whole game was active, positive, with good athletic performance. The competitiveness and the struggle for victory were felt as if not the “The Cup of 120th anniversary” was held, but at least the European Champions Cup!

Haivoron diesel locomotive repair plant has always been famous for the sporting achievements of its employees. The General Director Alexander Trunov took part as the captain of the team of our plant “GTRZ” in “The Cup of 120th anniversary” championship. Together with him, in the same team, Igor Lisitsa, turner, Vladimir Vinichenko, turner, Dmitry Melnik, electrician, Mikhail Savkov, Head of human resources, Andrei Kernichny, milling machine operator, fought for the Cup.

For a long time in the Youth Sports School there have not been such an intensive game and so many goals! Sports disputes, yellow cards, professional passes, team play and the joy of victory! And there are the results of the competition:

IV place – the team “Lokomotiv”;
III place – the team “Haivoron railway”;
II place – the team of the local special open cast mine “Granit”;
I place – the team “GTRZ” (“Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC).

Congratulations to everyone on the second day of celebrating of the 120th anniversary of “Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC! We hope that our employees will continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep themselves in good shape, in order to compete more than once for the champion Cup!

The management of “Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC expresses thanks for the assistance in organizing the event to the Head of the Youth and Sports Department of the Haivoron District State Administration Georgiy Ilchenko, and also thanks the judges for justice, the participants for their active participation, and congratulates the winners – the Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant!

Photo report of this event can be viewed in the “Photo gallery” section on the Main page.


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