10 September 2018 - 13:13, News

Our plant has begun pre-holiday restoration of the locomotive “MT-202” 

The inhabitants of Haivoron and the district recently noticed how the workers of “Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC have intensively begun to set in order a pedestal with the locomotive “MT-202” in front of the central security gate on the Zavodskaya square.

The locomotive “MT-202” is a historical monument of local significance, entered in the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine. This sample is the rare exhibit, unique in our country. It was manufactured in 1895 at St. Leonard’s factory in Belgium under the order of the Estonian Railway Department, and then it was almost re-assembled by locomotive plant repairers after the end of the Second World War in Haivoron.

This locomotive has required more than one decade of reconstruction work. And in connection with the celebration of the 120th anniversary of our enterprise, “Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC has made a decision by its own efforts to restore this memorial sign.

Successful work was preceded by a thorough inspection of the technical state of the locomotive and pedestal by qualified specialists from the plant. After approval of the plan of work the skilled workers quickly and professionally removed a layer of backing paint from a rusty surface of the locomotive with the help of gas welding equipment. At the same time, there was a need to restore parts damaged by time and natural factors. The cabin of the locomotive especially was affected, and certain parts of it are planned to be replaced by new ones.

The restoration works, which are currently being carried out by the employees of “Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC, will ensure the reliable preservation of this monument of cultural heritage, without affecting its authenticity. Soon, the last survived pattern of a narrow-gauge steam locomotive in Ukraine will acquire a holiday-like appearance and will become the decoration of the square in front of the plant, our anniversary celebrant.



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