13 August 2018 - 17:40, News

The our plant management once again answered to a Haivoron residents request for help

It is commonly known that, last year “Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC are not immune to participation in the life of Haivoron and its residents. In particular, the management of the plant partly took care of veterans-railway workers and other former employees, who gave their life years to work at “Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC.

Recently, the wife of one of this employees of our plant, Maria Kozachok, has applied to the head of the enterprise for support. In her letter she noted:

“My husband went to the plant in 1947, worked for many years. He built workshops, invented innovations at the enterprise; put all his heart, energy and strength into work. At the moment I became a widow, I’m severely ill… I ask you to help me with firewood. I will pray to God for you…”

The management of our plant did not stay indifferent to such words. Workers of “Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC met personally with Maria Kozachok, examined the conditions of her living. And, proceeding from the fact that the usual stove is her only means of heating in the cold season, and the state of health does not allow on her own to harvest wood, it was decided to provide the widow with firewood, which should be enough for the heating season.

We hope that such action of the leadership of “Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC will become an example of unindifference to other people’s misfortunes for other enterprises, farms and institutions of the district and will prompt them to render all possible assistance to those who need it most of all.


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