Dumper for TEP70 diesel locomotive

The dumper of TEP70 diesel locomotive is manufactured according to the drawing TEP70.31.22.011, and serves to transfer rotation from the driving motor through the hollow axle to the wheel pair. Dumpers are installed on the pins of the elastic clutch of TEP70 diesel locomotive. The dumper is made in the form of a silentblock and consists of an outer and inner steel sleeves, between which a rubber sleeve is pressed. The adhesive solution is used to improve the adhesion of steel sleeves and rubber sleeve.

diameter 100 mm,
length 90 mm,
weight 2 kg.

“Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC produces dumpers for TEP70 diesel locomotive, using the technology of gluing of steel sleeves and rubber sleeve; this allows to increase the warranty period of operation and the run of the diesel locomotive until the next replacement of dumpers.