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Part 3. 1918. Strikes and arrests of workers of railway workshops

In May 1918, Austrian troops occupied Haivoron. They banned the activities of the Revolutionary Committee and the Trade Union Organization of the railway junction. The arrests of members of the Revolutionary Committee and those who sympathized with the Bolsheviks were begun. The occupation authorities proposed the workers of the railway workshops to go to work, but they refused and supported the South-Western railway strike. The workers entered the following requirements: to pay off wage arrears for six months, to find an 8-hour working day, ensure freedom of assembly, etc.

July 20, 1918, railway workshop workers gathered at the mechanical workshop, where they declared their demands for new owners. The strikers were surrounded by a detachment of Austrian guards. The commandant of the detachment, Janechik, appealed to those present with a demand to cease the strike and begin the repairing of locomotives. The workers refused and said that only then they would start working when their demands are met. After that, they went home.

The next day, the chairman of the Strike Committee Moskvin and his secretary Saenko were arrested. Near the commandant’s office the workers gathered, demanded that the occupiers to release these prisoners from custody. Under the pressure of the proletarians, the Austrian command was compelled to release the leaders of the Strike Committee. The strike has been continued, but on August 1, it was stopped.

At the end of October, the railwaymen organized the armed detachment and drove out the enemies from Haivoron.

The period of anarchy came. As remembered by long-term residents, militia troops of atamans Volynets, Levchenko, Zeleny, Makhno, Marusia, Khmara, Zabolotniy and others continued to operate in the Pribuzhskiy Region. The Civil War was continued… (to be continued)


PJSC “GTRZ” develops a new direction

PJSC “GTRZ” carries out repair and restoration work of the car bodies


Started to perform the next KP2

PJSC “GTRZ” started the overhaul of the diesel locomotive TGM4


Major repairs of TGM-4B

“Haivoron Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant” PJSC started the major repaires of locomotive TGM-4B

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